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As in the past years, the studio project was instigated by Glasgow City Council; the area selected was Govan. Overall ambition for the year was to develop long term plans for the regeneration of Govan, taking in account its strengths, weaknesses and potential opportunities. The contents and approach have to some extent changed this year. Whilst maintaining the overall objective, the work has been structured in four very distinct phases, all rooted in current research ongoing in UDSU: theory and applications have been part of the teaching package, so students should now be equipped with substantial new skills in urban design and should be able to demonstrate how these have been assimilated and mastered using their work as example. Each of these stages has been delivered through lectures, workshops and tutorials, as well as a set of detailed briefs. The approach gives strong emphasis to the past and present morphology of Govan, and in particular to its deep study and assessment. The main educational intent was to show students that understanding the underlying robust urban structure of a place is crucial in planning for its development and management. Therefore we put strong emphasis on the measurement of the urban fabric and its precise design as (some of the key) drivers of design. To these, students have added several other drivers; economical, social, environmental ambitions have all contributed to the development of varied and diverse scenarios for the future of Govan. Many students have moreover taken the initiative to consult with local stakeholders. Overall, the year has produced a good range of ideas, all of them well substantiated by the first research phases and guided in principle by the initial strategic ambitions.

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credits: Ombretta Romice, Sergio Porta