2010b | sustainable urban design studio          [back]

Politecnico di Milano, Faculty of Architecture and Society, MSc in Architecture (Fall 2010).

The topic of the studios was the refurbishment of the social housing stock in the Lorenteggio district of Milan. The design projects take into account environmental, energy and ecology aspects, according to a set of tools agreed together with the instructors.
The course theme is the sustainability-based design of the urban form as the result of an integration process between social, environmental and spatial goals. The effectiveness of the sustainable urban design is the result of an integrated approach among: sustainable urban design, sustainable mobility, urban energetic and landscape ecology. The course is organaized in lectures and design studio; this last based on the real case study area of the Lorenteggio district, characterized by a loose-coupling with the city, environmental degradation and lack of energy planning.

credits: main instructors Grazia Concilio, Lidia Diappi; with Pompeo Fabbri and Eugenio Morello.